Molecular Genetics and Soybean Genomics Laboratory

Henry T. Nguyen, Ph.D.
Curators' Distinguished
Professor of Plant Sciences,
Division of Plant Sciences
University of Missouri
Tel: 573-882-5494
Fax: 573-882-1469
Henry Nguyen

Jinrong Wan

Research Scientist

Division of Plant Sciences
Office: 25 Agriculture Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211


Lab Member Since: August, 2011

Current Research Focus:

Increasing oil, biomass, and resistance to nematodes in soybean through genetic engineering.


Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
M.S., Nanjing Botanical Garden, Nanjing, China.
B.S., Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

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Academic Services
  • Editor of the journal Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology.
  • Editor of the journal Advances in Crop Science and Technology.
  • Editor of the journal Walailak Journal of Science and Technology.